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It's about time! October 2nd, 2021

Join us for a great time as we celebrate in Fredericksburg, TX.

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Located at the Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg

The Hangar Hotel is a uniquely designed hotel with an exterior appearance of a WWII hangar, with a stylish adult environment featuring airplane memorabilia, USO history, and the romance of the 1940s. The striking environment is still an understatement of the uniqueness of the weekend we plan on hosting here.

The Hotel is adjacent to the runway ramp area of the Gillespie County Airport (T82), providing excellent viewing of spectacular flying machines.

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The Airport Diner

The Airport Diner is a classic 1940s diner, located next door to the Hangar Hotel and immediately adjacent to the Gillespie County Airport aircraft parking ramp. From the booths, you can watch airplanes and other aircraft come and go while enjoying great sandwiches, breakfast, and the daily blue plate specials.

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Things to Do in Fredericksburg

Behind the elegant shops and fine dining, you can feel the authentic German soul and see reminders of the city's heritage in the historic buildings along Main Street, the German cuisine at local restaurants, and the welcoming spirit of Texas.

You will find that Fredericksburg has incredible wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums, and so much more. We really hope that, since you're coming out here, you can take a couple of days to experience all it has to offer.

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Pacific War Museum

The Admiral Nimitz Gallery, George Bush Gallery of the Pacific War, the Plaza of the Presidents, Japanese Garden of Peace, Memorial Walk, and the Pacific Combat Zone are all part of the National Museum of the Pacific War, which was tabbed as the fifth-best history museum in the United States in 2020 by USA Today readers. Dedicated to all those who served in the Pacific War. See displays of some of the most notable aspects and events of WWII in the Pacific.

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Frequently asked questions

When should I book my hotel room or Airbnb?
Our hotel blocks have all expired and the Hangar and Cottages are both open to public bookings now. We recommend calling The Hangar Hotel to see if there have been any cancellations. The Herb Farm Cottages had a few rooms last time we checked. If both locations are full, call the Fredericksburg Visitor Center at +1 (540) 373-1776. They keep track of which hotels in town still have availability.
What's the dress code?
The only code involved is the code for this website. 👨🏻‍💻 But we recommend formal or cocktail for the wedding. 👔 👗 🙂
What is Alegría thinking?
I've been asking myself that for 11 years.
Why can't you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
Because the pee is silent.

Meet our flight crew

No, this isn't a costume party. Yes, Alegría is okay with this.

  • Ana Davila

    Ana Davila

    Control Tower Specialist

  • Jim Sprague

    Jim Sprague


  • Jennifer Pettit

    Jennifer Pettit


  • Joe Sprague

    Joe Sprague


  • Almendra Duran

    Almendra Duran

    Parachute Rigger

  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher


  • Aby Herrera

    Aby Herrera


  • Alex Vaughan

    Alex Vaughan

    Radio Operator/Gunner

  • Janice Herrera

    Janice Herrera

    Weather Forecaster

  • Doug Phillips

    Doug Phillips

    Top Turret Gunner/Engineer

  • Ashley Pena

    Ashley Pena

    Electrical Specialist

  • Brandon Son

    Brandon Son

    Ball Turret Gunner

  • Susan Rabadi

    Kim Luepnitz

    Maintenance Specialist

  • George Lubke

    George Lubke

    Right Waist Gunner

  • Melissa West

    Melissa West

    Supply Specialist

  • Garett West

    Garett West

    Left Waist Gunner

  • Lexi Rix

    Lexi Rix


  • Alex Flood

    Alex Flood

    Tail Gunner

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Oscar Wilde
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